loan on card without paying online:When the most suitable solution to the problem money is an urgent need an online loan, which is given more than 5 minutes for a bank card. After all, you can decorate it as quickly and practically without failure. In such a situation however it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of overpayment. We have made two ratings based on the basic requirements in choosing such a loan: the company, which can get a positive solution for MFIs with almost each and the lowest interest rate. Monitoring the market of this online loan will save you time.

Based on reviews from real borrowers, we have selected companies that can take a loan in 5 minutes without placing it on the map. Requirement Immediate transfer of loan funds to the customer’s bank card was done after approval of the online application. The assessment of the probability of positive decision was made on a scale. The rating is as follows:


  1. – 5,0.
  2. Zaymer – 4.9.
  3. E-Loan – 4.9.
  4. Salary PS – 4,9.
  5. Sincerely – 4.8.

Seen from these organizations probability balls, almost all of the approval of their application is approaching 100%.

Most favorable loan

Based on the previous rating, we have chosen that the top 3 MFI offers to take a loan on the card at the lowest percentage. Thus, you have an opportunity not only to borrow money with little or no failure, but also to reduce the level of overpayment. The three leaders are as follows:

  1. Zaymer – 0.63% Daily Commission.
  2. E-loan – a daily commission of 0.75%.
  3. Daily commission of 1.0% – salary PS.

It should be noted immediately that all MFIs use different setting of interest rate depending on the amount requested, desired duration, number of calls, etc.

For more information about the proposals

Zaymer is the company, which ranks first on the lowest payout, and also raises the most loyal of age requirements for its customers. You can take a loan on the card without giving in just 5 minutes, and online, even if you are only 18 years old. And only one passport of a Russian citizen is needed on hand. For that time, there is no need to waste searching or obtaining additional documents.

With regard to the maximum amount that an MFI Zaymer can offer up to 30 000 rubles. First-time customers will not exceed the limit of 7,000 rubles, however. Minimum loan amount – 1000 rubles. The money back period is between 7-30 days.

E-loan credit of citizens of our rating winning silver medal in the age group of 20-65 years. Debt free – although it boasts its offering to first time customers. That is, if you do not borrow in MFI, you can get 6000 rubles for not paying a penny more. The main thing to pay the debt on time.

From 2,000 to 30,000 rubles – the general terms of the amount. The loan term can be 5-30 days. Only one passport is required for registration.

This closes our top MFI salary PS. It is the only company of the three most profitable, which is an additional document required in addition to the passport of the citizen of Russia. You won’t have problems with its provision though, as it can be a driver’s license, tin, military card, pension certificate. This is why a document is always within your reach.

MFI salary PS output for 15 000 rubles for Russians from 1000, whose age range is in 21-64 years. The loan period is 1-31 days.




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